Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SOHNS Kickstarter

YO my dudes SOHNS have a kickstarter to get some skrilla to put out "To Ward It Off and Drown It Out" on 12". They have until September the 21st to raise enough money for Stay Still Records to finance the release. I'm gonna throw down for it, and you motherfuckers should too. You get alot of really dope shit if you put up some serious dough for this release, if you guys don't help them out I'm going to be pretty disappointed in the internet. Good looking Cody, I'm glad you are helping out my boys like that. Also, Sohns made this dope ass video:

Download their shit from my other post about them. Kickstart them some fucking money. Word.




Anonymous said...

Wow, I had this blog in my RSS feed and I have no idea why. Here is goodbye, you dope fried sunflare. Keep it real; I hope nothing keeps you from exposing half dozen after half dozens amount of people to mediocre music.

Goose said...


ramy said...

sorry, not down for kickstarters.... especially to put out your own record.

Anonymous said...

why do people start labels if they cant afford to put stuff out in the first place? that label must run things reaaaalll shitty.