Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rainbow Bridge

Alright so this weekend there is a pretty cool noise festival going on in Virginia (Fairfax/Alexanderia) that was thrown together by Rainbow Bridge Recordings. Rainbow Bridge is run by Justin Lloyd, who is involved in way too many bands to keep track of, but a few you may have heard of are A Perfect Kiss, Age Sixteen or Sawhorse. Did Sawhorse ever get big outside of Maryland?

Justin does alot of solo stuff aside from bands. He has a fuck ton of monikers but each one is pretty really different. The easiest way I can describe it is that he is either, basically, making experimental/noise shit, or he is making ambient shit. As for the experimental stuff:

"there are three but the approaches are completely different... false flag is super harsh and thick and all anti-new world order/anarchist-ish subjects with vocals a lot of the time. inappropriate king live is just field recordings ive processed. so you could call those both noise, but pregnant spore is noise, and is the main shit i do. all live stuff"

On the chiller side of things we have Dementia and Hope Trails, Sensible Nectar and The Human Excuse. All Lovley. His label is used to, of course, put out his own stuff but he also works with other people too. He seems to go on tour alot, so I'm guessing he has a pretty successful network or something. I don't really follow Rainbow Bridge too hard, but I generally enjoy what he puts out. He did a Pansori split tape, fuck yeah.

"and btw, sensible nectar was an old project that was basically pregnant spore and dementia and hope trails as the same thing...i went back and forth from ambient stuff and noise stuff... but then i split it up into the two projects. so maybe not say that sensible nectar is ambient shit."

This weekend he is putting on his second festival. Don't know how big number one was, but number two is pretty large. If you go to the facebook page you can read about all the bands. Each show is like 5 bucks or something.

So yeah. Go check out all of Justin's stuff because its mostly pretty dope. HEY BANDS HE MAKES SHIRTS TOO. Go to those links up there to download a shit ton of music. I'm not going to copy/paste all that bullshit, just go there and get it. But for real go there and get it. Then, go check out this festival because its a fucking festival and its something to do. Become involved. Go be smart and talk about smart music.

Also, real life is crazy and I don't have time to devote to Chug in the immediate future. Don't expect shit for a minute, I just sold my soul for a tape deal.

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