Thursday, October 27, 2011


Marat was a short lived Screamo band from The Netherlands composed of members of the legendary (and soon to be Chug'd) Shikari. In their short short lifespan Marat only put out one release, a four song EP thingy called "Songs From The Crypt". Moment of Collapse put out the 7".

I first heard about this band a while ago when I was looking about Shikari stuff, but I didn't download Marat's record for some reason. The other day I found myself back on MOC's website listening to their media player and zoned out for a second. I zoned back in real fucking fast when I heard the Marat song. Five minutes later I had that shit downloaded.

So yeah, Marat has female vocals! obviously the band sounds somewhat similar to Shikari, but they also use some chords and shit that remind me of Tristan Tzara and stuff (kind of obvious because of time-frame and location? maybe). The first song is kind of slow and chill compared to the other three songs. There is a nice groovy break in the middle. The second song is kind of blistering and heavy, pretty hardcore and stuff. Marat is the kind of screamo band that, instead of being super technical and fast, is just super solid and driving, with some chugs and shit going on. Third song, side B, has some different vocals. Male vocals. Brutal vocals. He kind of does that whimper talk/scream thing for a second and its tight. The riffs in this song are so fucking heavy. Then it gets all epic and stuff and everyone is stoked. Probably thier heaviest track. The last song is MY FUCKING JAM. That fucking riff dude. Sounds so much like "Come On Jane". Way punk, way awesome, this song is just kind of nasty. Like stanky face nasty.

Download it below. Buy it from Moment of Collapse, or I guess anywhere you can. There is some other thing called Marat, so if you look for videos and on there is alot of shit for "Marat" but it isn't the dope Marat. Sadly this is all that exists. I looked on their myspace and there is a photo of a Marat Demo, but it looks like it is just the songs from "Songs From The Crypt". If you know anything about this band feel free to comment about it. No video. Word.


Songs From The Crypt

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screamart said...

They are from Netherlands, Groningen.