Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Megan & Amelia - New Demos

Since the last time I posted about this project Megan and Amelia (Ryan of Matsuri/DEERS!) has put our two more demos. "Our First" is made up of two of the original songs and three new ones. Still lo-fi and awesome. Reverb drenched vocals and shit. "Secret Buffalo" has what sounds like a ukelele, in "Mountain Mountain" he uses a piano and "It Never Dies" kind of has a more conventional feel to it. "Our Second" just has one long song on it, and that shit is the mother fucking jam. Seriously. Put that shit on repeat. Great structure and instrumentation, and even though its obviously recorded on jank mics through a jank whatever it sounds real warm and nice. No shit, I have repeated this song at least 5 times in a row. While I would argue that it is almost always better to listen to music with headphones than computer speakers (unless you have a boss ass system in your closet like this guy) you really wont catch a lot of the subtleties of Megan and Amelia unless you are wearing headphones. I would also imagine that these were mixed with headphones so this is how they were intended to be heard.

When I saw Ryan on Matsuri's last lil tour they did we talked about Megan and Amelia and good bit. He was telling me that he wanted to have other people play with him, live at least. I don't know if that has materialized or anything but I hope it does. Facebook tells me that he has been playing a good amount of shows in the bay, which is fucking awesome. I love Ryan and I love Megan and Amelia, and you mother fuckers really need to download this stuff. At least blow up his bandcamp. I couldn't find any videos, sorry.

I forgot! Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and post this stuff up, but, I'm going to go rip/upload another group that is affiliated with Megan and Amelia and post that up today too, because I have some time on my hands. Mega post Tuesday. Support my friends! Word.


Our First

Our Second

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