Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kidcrash - Naps

Right here is that new Kidcrash joint everyone has been waiting for. They released at least one of these songs on soundcloud or something a while ago, I'm pretty sure it was just a lil clip or something, but ever since then I've been excited for this shit and curious as to what it would sound like. I found this last night on Music As Heroin, so I mean if it's on the internet I might as well put it up you know.

This album is a really nice progression from Snacks. While still staying away from both of their older sounds and progressing with the more mature shit from Snacks, Naps is an excellent mix of Kidcrash's almost signature groovy riffs with some nice post-hardcore elements thrown in there. This lil 4 song diddy is a little harder than Snacks, but still keeps it really fucking chill. As normal, the instrumentation on all the songs are fucking superb. I also really dig the vocals on this album. Or EP. I guess it's an EP. My Favorite song right now is the third song, Misogamist.

You really should snag a copy of the 12" from Init if you haven't already. I feel like this record is going to move really really fast, so get your copy now. Some vinyl geeks are gonna be bummed because first pressing black/white is already sold out, now they just have to get boring black or white. Boo boo.

Below is a download link for the album. If the band or the label would like me to take this down please do not hesitate to tell me and I will take it down promptly, but I mean if its already out here on the web I don't think it should be a big deal. Hopefully Kidcrash is going to tour soon, because I can never get a ride down to Portland to see them play. And I feel like if they did go out on the road they would either tour with a killer band or play with all the killer bands. Killer. Video of an older song.




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