Monday, October 24, 2011

Lester Freamon

Lester Freamon is a screamo band from Las Vegas. One of the dudes is also in Ruined Tongue, and I think some of the other dudes are in a band called Ein. Alex, who is in Ruined Tongue, is also one of the two dudes who run Radical Friends. Pretty radical.

So Lester is doing a lot of shit right now, apparently. Their new 7" is called "Natural Police" and is going to be put out by Moment of Collapse real soon, which is totally radical. Friends For Life is putting it out on tape too. Radical. Homeboy also told me that LF is going to be doing some splits real soon, and Moment of Collapse is going to be apart of that shit too. Radical. They were a part of a tape compilation called "The Monster Mash Volume 1" which was done by Plastic Smile Records, I can't find the album online but it sounds pretty dope. CMHWAK told me the lineup and the bands are pretty cool.

So yeah, Natural Police. All the tracks are pretty dope, abrasive and driving at times and then groovy at other times. Pretty nice to hear bands making this kind of music in the midst of all the other stuff that is going on nowadays. I guess if i had to compare this band to other bands I would say they remind me, kind of, of bands like William Bonney, a little bit of Kidcrash, and a tiny bit of Off Minor. Those are the only three that come to mind at the moment. I don't know.

Fuck it. This shit is cool so you should download it. When the 7 inch comes out you should snag it. Hopefully I'll be in the loop when their splits drop or whatever so I can share those bad boys. Pretty stoked on this band at the moment. Buy stuff from Radical Friends too. They are Radical. Couldn't find any videos, I mean there are a lot of jankity videos from shows but I can't tell if its them or not. Oh well. Word.


Natural Police

"The Youths" off of The Monster Mash Volume One


Adrian said...

Fuck, any band that names themselves off of anything from The Wire has my heart.

Anonymous said...

it's never going to be available online. so buy it.

Anonymous said...

can someone please post the lineup of that compilation along with the song names? thanks a lot! (or at least tell me if those songs are just available on that tape?)