Saturday, October 29, 2011

Only For The Sake Of Aching

Only For The Sake Of Aching are a pretty dope German screamo band. Kinda punk, kinda just really good skramz. I posted their split with The Third Memory a while ago, hopefully some people snagged that. OFTSOA has mainly put out splits, which is fucking dope. All the bands they have worked with are really cool. There was a collections album released which compiled all of their splits and their EP, which is below. I also just went ahead and added the original releases so yall can get the tracks from the other bands, and because Robot Society has an Intro and Outro which is not on the collection album (unless it is called something different). I'm almost positive you can buy their stuff online so please go do so. Don't think this band is really active anymore but hopefully they will do some new stuff soon.

Heres a video of some of their set at Cry Me A River Fest in 2007.



Only For The Sake Of Aching / The Third Memory

Only For The Sake Of Aching / Kias Fansuri

Only For The Sake Of Aching / Amalthea

Robotic Society

Thus Far 2005 - 2008

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Anonymous said...

check out "black everest"...4/5 only for the sake of aching members...they have a 7" out now...