Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pianos Become The Teeth - The Lack Long After

Hot off the fucking press. I think. This came out either today or yesterday. Probably yesterday. I saw a video they made (or someone made for them) for their song "I'll Be Damned", and figured this album would be pretty dope. I gotta bounce out in like 20 minutes so I'm listening for the first time while I'm writing this. Who does homework anyways?

So far this album is pretty much exactly what I expected from Pianos Become The Teeth. His vocals sound a little different to me. A little more angsty than they used to be. Thats cool. Still got that atmospheric kinda post rock influenced thing going on (in the vein of COC or ADIBAW) with some hardcore and the tiniest bit of punk. This album seems to be alot darker than their previous efforts. All of the instruments sound really good in these records, I don't know who did it, but it sounds real nice. My only qualm with this record thus far is that the vocals are super high up in the mix and I wish the guitars were a little bit louder. Thats just me. The songs are still epic and whatnot, buildups and all that everywhere, which has sort of become their thing right? Getting all epic. They do it well.

So talk about the wave as much as you want. Compare them to bands that are doing the wave thing. At the end of the day Pianos are a pretty cool band and pretty nice dudes. Topshelf is going to be pissed because I posted this, so just download it before they get me to take it down. Actually, just go buy it from Topshelf (a literal boat load of deals await). It just came out, already on second pressing (btw while listening to "Good Times" it sounded like homeboy said "three breasts")so go jump on it before you cant get a cool colored vinyl or something. I don't know the dates off the top of my head (check their bandpage on facebook, tour is all November and some December full US) but Pianos are going on tour soon with Touche Amore. Again, talk about the wave all you want. I don't want to talk about the wave.

Got that video I was talking about below, along with the download link. Pretty into the record as of half way through it. Give it a try. Give it a shot, kiddo. Support this band, support Maryland. OH YEAH, so I got this off a blog, no one gave this to me, so I mean its out on the internet already. Just saying. Word.


The Lack Long After


Entertainment said...

Nice Post.

Kevin Duquette said...

Dude, As long as you don't leak any of our records BEFORE a release date, I'm all for you posting anything and everything, for free, whatever. Just link to the band's site, where you can buy it and give people a description, not just the mediafire link (which you guys are GREAT about not doing — thanks!) and I'm way OK with it. This blog rules... been following it for like, I dunno, 5 years? Anyway, keep it up!