Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Loma Prieta & Punch

Alot of buzz about Loma Prieta recently. They got signed to Deathwish, who are putting out their upcoming fully "I.V.", and are currently finishing up a tour of the states. Some of those new songs are floating around the internet and stuff. Pretty sure CMHWAK radio got like an exclusive track or something.

Since Loma has been so hot in the collective unconcious as of late I was checking up on them, gettin the haps, when I realized how much I have been slacking on my Loma game. First of all, found the Punch split which is pretty really dope. Secondly, realized that Life/Less wasn't even on here, so I felt obligated to correct that error. Also, Punch has an LP out which we haven't posted yet, so that is going down too. And another EP. I'm not as into Punch as Carlo is so I would have figured he would cover all the Punch stuff. Homeboy was slippin, but its okay because Daddys home now. Needless to say all this music is good, bro. Buy it after you try it, bro.

I'm kind of really bummed because Loma is playing Portland right now, and I'm just baking on my couch watching NOVA and eating my third and fourth can of Chef Boyardee of the day. I don't know if they are going to be in Seattle tomorrow but it doesn't even matter because I have school all night. Growing up sucks.




Loma Prieta / Punch Split


Push Pull

Nothing Lasts

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Anonymous said...

Loma Prieta was (s)excellent in Portland and thank you for the Life/Less up and Punch split up since I have the records just wanted the MP3s for when I am on trimet