Monday, December 12, 2011

¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!

¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! is a screamy band from Madrid, Spain. Homeboy says their influences are bands like Ampere and Tristan Tzara, which is aparent. I slept on this band for way too long, even though I guess they have only been around for a few months. Feel like I see their name everywhere.

I downloaded their demo around the time it came out after it was recommended to me, and I can't remember if I dug it or not. This band fell into my lap when I wasn't really kicking it on the computer so I never gave them a real good listen. They poped up again when they did that four way split with Lizards Have Personalities and again, glossed over it but had other shit going on at the time. Then they just put out a split on Bear Records, saw it and was interested but never followed up on it.

Shit is dope though. Their new split is pretty bangin, both sides actually. They are doing a good job with executing different dynamics and stuff in their songs, like the flow is good from part to part and the riffs are normally pretty good or interesting. Harsh vocals, which don't always work on lower quality recordings, sound real good on these. The chill parts are real chill. I enjoy these albums because they do spazzy and stuff well and they also do the whole driving/semi-melodic thing thing really well too, but the key is that they execute their songs in a way that is neither predictable or boring. Sometimes you can listen to a song and guess most of the parts that are coming up, you know, but I feel like SAS keeps it interesting in terms of overall structure. Perfect example = "Lamentos Pretéritos" off of the split with Descubriendo a Mr.Mime.

Solid band. Download all their stuff. Buy what you can (BEAR RECORDS) and support them/their affiliated labels and distros. Watch this video too.




4 Way Split - ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!/ Lizards Have Personalities / Todos Caeran / Book of Caverns

¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! / Descubriendo a Mr.Mime

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