Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Todos Caerán

I joined a cult. One of these dudes is also a member. Mad respect is deserved due to the amount of splits Todos Caerán has out. Canadian Skrumz from Canada. Sounds pretty dope, doing the whole heavy melodic thing. Listen to their shit in chronological order because you can hear how they matured and stuff. I like their side of the split with Mahria alot. The split with Gumilinski fucking rules because Gumilinski are the shit. Heard of this band before the cult, but I never really listened to them a whole lot. Sleeping alot. Below is all of their stuff, so download it and check out all the bands they work with. Get some money and buy their stuff.

Also, uh, I have more time on my hands for the next few days so I want to pay more attention to Chug. Half the reason I havn't been doing much is because I havn't been that stoked on anything. I check out blogs sometimes but alot of the stuff I see is the same stuff that is in my inbox. Vain, maybe, but I don't want to post stuff thats on a shit ton of other blogs. I'd rather just bang Screw.



After Dark

Todos Caerán / Gumilinski

Todos Caerán / Mahria

Todos Caerán / Bears

Self Titled Tape

¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!/ Lizards Have Personalities / Todos Caeran / Book of Caverns

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