Friday, December 23, 2011

Innards / Reptilian Split

Alright so check it, so many of my boys got together and did a lil split. Black With Sap are one of the labels who are putting this joint out, so go snag that fucking pre-order boyyyyy.

Two songs from each band. Both have been Chug'd already, so if you are not in the loop like a dumb motherfucker then you can check the old posts. Honestly, if you have never bumped both of these bands you are behind the fucking times. Real talk. Some of the realest in the game. G.A.M.E.

Also, Innards and The Reptilian are gonna be doin a lil west coast tour next week. I think The Reptrillian are already on the road? Maybe? Actually no they don't dip til after XXXMASXXX. The dates are here. After Innards get off the Reptiles are gonna be touring with a band from Milwaukee who I heard has some beef with your boy. Right?

Anyways, download this shit. Buy this shit. Love this shit. Go check out their bangin ass tour on the west coast. Support the Trillian when they are without Innards if you can go see em. Also, on the real, you can get 424/7 from Innards on tour, you know you know. $$$$$$. Any by the by, don't buy your friends shitty xmas gifts. Buy your boys and girl-boys a bottle, or a fat fuckin sack or a record. Everyone needs a new piece. Fuck all these gift cards and shit, get real.



Reptilian / Innards


you suck said...

music is good but you fucking suck.

yyyyyyyyeeeeeaaaahhhh dddddawwwggg said...

yeeaahh dawg!!

Will - Carucage Records said...

Thanks for the post. Your blog rules!

- Will
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