Tuesday, October 25, 2011


How do you feel about watching a grown ass man weep? What about when this grown man is weeping while he sings? Meet Mo. He plays acoustic jams under the name Father;Lonesome, and this dude makes some of the saddest music I have ever heard. Or seen. Watching him play in my old living room was really intense because we were all just sitting on the couch and he was just swaying back and forth crying and stuff.

Mordekai is from San Jose and was on tour with Matsuri the last time they went on the road. I didn't know what to expect when I heard this dude was on tour with them, but I was pleasantly surprised. When I first met him I asked him about his name and shit and he weaved me a super fucking depressing tale about being a father and shit. A lot of his songs are about his young daughter and his love interest(s?). it would then make sense that most of his band related artwork has to do with his daughter as well. Real life punk shit you guys. Child support and shit. Real. Life. Punk. Shit.

Anyways, Father;Lonesome makes some really great music and I have a bunch of it below. When he was at my place he told me that he read Chug and then gave me alot of shit for free, which ruled. He has an EP and then is featured on a compilation that is to benefit a dude named Omar, who is sick or something. Sorry that I don't really know more about what that dude has or whatever, all I know is that he has a disease and his friends, some of whom are my friends, put together a compilation to help him out. I have that benefit compilation for download below, and I strongly encourage you to email Texas Toast DIY or Olhar De Vidro and give them some money for the For Omar compilation. Aside from Mo, I think all the tracks are solo songs from the Matsuri bros.

Saddest jams you have ever heard. Acoustic punks at its finest. Real life shit. Download it and feel at home when you are sad as fuck, because thats what I do. Sorry it took me so long to put this up Mo, but every time I hear it I just zone the fuck out. I love you though. Download this stuff. It's all real good. You won't regret it. Below is a video too. Word.


Heart Of Fool's Gold EP

For Omar


yourelectricsurgeissweet said...

hahaha, I have Aplastic Anemia. Who's the wise guy that used that beach picture? Is that the picture they've been using with the compilation?

CHUG LIFE said...

no its not the picture. I got it in a brown paper bag. that photo is just cool as fuck.

yourelectricsurgeissweet said...

thanks dude.