Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Years

I think that New Years is still a band? I don't really know off the top of my head. I think they are. It would make sense seeing as they just put out a record that they recorded a mean minute ago. The only person in this band that I know in the real, physical world was Justin. Obviously he isn't with the group anymore because he isn't in Baltimore. The people in this band are in alot of other bands, but I don't feel like mentioning them all. It seems like anytime I mention other bands, I get asked to take it down. Then when I don't mention bands, I get asked to put it up. Almost all of my last dozen or so posts have been edited because someone wanted something changed. Kind of just not going to do that anymore.

Anyways, New Years is an " unapologetically corny late 90's-influenced emo rock. heavy influence from penfold and mineral. lots of off key vocals even though we tried not to do that." I listened to "Sky Swallow Me Whole" yesterday while doggy-paddling around in a sess pool of self loathing and it seemed to fit quite nicely. All of the people involved in the group are extremly talented and thus created a really quality record, so the only reason one who not get down with this would be if they didnt like '90's emo. But I think almost everyone does. If you don't, its totally cool, I guess. I don't care.

Check out the dudes below. They don't have a website or anything. Try searching google for "New Years", especially in the images tab. The album is killer so yeah, big ups. Word.


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JOJOFACE said...

Justin Lloyd from Age Sixteen? I gotta hear this.