Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Voyage in Coma - Further

Voyage In Coma are releasing their new record and going on tour soon, and even though this record isn't online yet I still wanted to say that it is the fucking bomb.. Its so dark and heavy. The record is an awesome departure from their odl sound. The record is going to be released on tape by None Video and is also going to be eventually put out on a 7 inch. Their new lineup is full of homies who are really fucking good at making music and I'm so stoked on their new record. The release show is on August 3rd in Burtonsville and the show is also their tour kickoff and the dates for their are eluding me at the moment but I'm sure one of the dudes will read this and either have me edit the post of just post the dates in the comments section. Come out and support the homies at the release show, I will be there eating tacos while covered in sweat. Below is a music video that they filmed for their new release, it was filmed in the Bell Foundry Basement, as well as a link to their bandcamp which has the new joints up. Word


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David Norman said...

Holy shit. I expected this to be good, but this is phenomenal!