Monday, July 1, 2013

Calculator - This Will Come To Pass

Post young, Kali flag barriers Calculator have just put their new lp, "This Will Come To Pass", up for free download.  Having perfected their style of screams, this album is a melodic onslaught that personifies perfection in the DIY scene. Seriously, the sound quality of this record is superb, not to mention the instrumentation itself. Normally I would turn my nose up slightly when confronted with easily sung-along vocals, but I have made an exception to Jeff's work on this particular record. Above anything else, I was extremely impressed with what the dudes have accomplished.

This Will Come To Pass shows a wonderful and powerful fruition of the sound that the band was culminating on their previous releases. I feel like they really came into themselves with this thing. I really do. Their melodies are so much tighter and stronger, the fast and heavy parts seem way more precise and controlled, and the over all tone of the group has grown way more serious, but the key is that they still have that DIY air about them that some bands loose touch with once they reach a level that Calculator has been given the chance to ascend to. I am always impressed when a band, especially of people I consider friends to a certain degree, get well deserved attention and opportunities but don't forget where they came from. Not to sound jaded, but in my humble opinion way too many groups do the exact opposite.

Calculator are doing like tour tours in the near future, and I believe have another release in the works as well. You can find the dates on your own time, seeing as I have to go in a few minutes, but I would highly suggest that you go out and see them play if you can. Its always fun, and there are always kids who get super into it and it makes it more fun to watch the event as a whole. After they go to I Got Brains, they are coming up to Baltimore with a handful of other bands who will be making an appearance at that fest to play a slopped together half fest aptly called Homie Fest. Or No Brains Fest. Either one. Check out the album, which is obviously linked below, and download a copy of the joint before they run out of downloads. You can also snag the wax copy while your over there. Obviously I would advise you to do so. Word.


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