Saturday, June 29, 2013

Caust / [This is Not For You] Split

2013 is seemingly the year of the youngs. Creative output from the scream scene waxes and wanes, but I would go so far as we are at the beginning of a veritable tsunami. The past year, give or take a season or two, was a drought: in deep inhale before the explosive exhale. Thankfully, you can see the waters beginning to culminate into a vast tidal wave. There are manly locations of note when discussing various sub-sets of post hardcore, but I have always been of the mindset that the mid-Atlantic was a vastly unappreciated region which is home to an impressive number of should be notable bands and individuals. I now give you proof. I feel like I have been charged with taking on the role of Prometheus.

Caust and [this is not for you] just released this split the other day. Caust is championing the more driving sub set of the genre, while [tinfy] is on the chaotic end of the spectrum, which is admittedly more my cup of tea. The Caust tracks remind me of some of the more classic scream bands, in that the songs are steady, dark, and have somewhat logical progressions. On the other hand, the [tinfy] side is a little harder to pin point. The darkness permeates the entire record, but there is something a tad more sinister in the songs by the Ocean City crew. To me, their songs sound more influenced by hardcore. You will understand when you listen.

Both the bands are made up of people who are in multiple bands. I don't know all of the different connections, but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for someone to figure out. Another common thread between the active parties of this release is that they are going on lengthy and note worthy tours this summer. Caust is doing a full American tour in July I think, where as the members of [tinfy] are going on tour with their other, more accomplished band Full of Hell in Europe to support Circle Takes The Square. I know right.

The split below is free to download via the Caust bandcamp. The 7 inch is being released by three labels and  you can find all the details in the link below. I strongly suggest that you take a cigarette break and listen to this album. Also, go out and see both of these bands if they are coming around. I have had the pleasure of seeing both and they will not disappoint. If you do have a chance to meet these guys, buy them alcohol because they are barely old enough to buy smokes. Word.


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