Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lord Snow

Alright so first off, any band that uses a Game of Thrones reference in any fashion is cool with me. Second, Lord Snow's new release "Sovngarde" is another dope ass reference to Skyrim. So yeah, just those two lil diddies right there should make them one of the most popular bands in the blog world. Not to mention they have members of The New Yorker, Lautrec and Suffix. Yeah dude.

So yeah, "Sovngarde" is fucking blistering. Female vox, shred city guitar work and pretty spazzy drums. I dig it real real hard. I like how their song structure isnt hella complicated but they play alot of cool riffs and fills and stuff. Its just real interesting and busy as fuck. The quality of the recordings is really cool too, I like the feedback and the vocals. "Sovngarde" is a lil more screamo than the EP, which was still skrumz and all but it had some choice punk parks in there too. The Ep, by the way, is also the dopeness. This band is pretty intense doggies, jump on board. I wish my computer wasn't fucked so I could enjoy these songs more.

Below is "Sovngarde" and the EP, both of which should be downloaded. I don't know who is releasing any of this stuff, or on what format, but I would imagine you can buy it somewhere somehow. Figure it out and do it. Chicago bands are killing it right meow, cool. I donno if they are touring this summer, but they were down at SXSW, or NSXSW or whatever. They were in Austin when everyone else but me was down there. I hope they tour, I want to see them play. Don't screamo girls rule? Word.




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Anonymous said...

eh, this band had some show in la get moved around a ton and then dropped so they could play with beau navire...... kinda lame