Monday, March 12, 2012


Alright, so the dudes from Men As Trees are back. All the dudes are now in Locktender, which is now one of my favorite bands. Shit is way too dope.

The MAT/LT dudes are pretty down with the blog game, so I guess they sent hella people their album I got below. Their record label I.Corrupt also sent out some emails about putting Locktender on blogs. I can respect that because they are seasoned vets down with the free.

The jams are the sickest. Super heavy, like hardcore heavy. It isn't metal or anything, just bowel-shatteringly epic. I was super surprised at how good the quality of the recordings too, real good shit. Especially dig the vocals. I can only get down with vox like this if they are done as well as these. Chord heavy hardcore, no noodles or anything crazy. The most solid.

So yeah, I wouldnt be able to explain the band any better than Jason from the band:
So Locktender is a conceptual hardcore band from Cleveland, OH with all of the members of Men as Trees. All of our songs are about and inspired by different works of art and our albums will focus on specific artists. This 'Collected' release is three songs that are all being released on vinyl splits this year. A 7" with Cassilis from Philadelphia, a 12" with Brighter Arrows from Chicago (ex-Lautrec, Mans, Phoenix Bodies), and another 12" that is still TBA. Our singer Nick will do the CD release through his label Mopsorden and Utarid Tapes will do one in Malaysia. As with MAT, everything will be free to download so we are just trying to get this out there as much as possible before our Euro tour this July with Sailing On from Germany

Download this below. Please keep an ear out for all their releases that are coming out. The dudes are solid as fuck, so I would hope that they would let me know when they have some stuff for sale. And when they get that new material. Go to their shows too. No video, just the sickest tunes.



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