Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fuck, Wolves!

Fuck, Wolves! are a dark hardcore/screamo band from Germany. Their sound can easily be lumped into the same category as other German screams bands like Louise Cyphre and June Paik. They have some of my favorite dynamics and use some real nasty chords. The record quality of their various releases is interesting cuz its never really that "good" but it always sounds good. You know?

I first heard about this band a long ass time ago, like back in tenth or eleventh grade. My buddy was friends with their guitarist at the time from way back when, so we kept in touch or whatever. Said guitarist moved to the states like right before FW started to get more popular. I've stayed in contact with the band over the years, making plans that fall through and things like that. I always told them I would chug them, but every time I was prepared to do whatever they had something just over the horizon I was waiting for. I think that the dudes are in other projects but I don't know any of the names off the top of my head.

Fuck, Wolves! have one half a shit ton of releases, including a split and some 7 inches. They get their stuff put out by Moment of Collapse, so go float on over there and grab some shit. All of what has been provided below is good, so check it out. I got all their stuff. The band are really nice dudes, talk to them and stuff. If you are in Europe you should try to check them out if you can, they seem to tour a good bit.

Recentish video. Wurd.



Fuck, Wolves! / Chaos Is... Split

Es ist Alles in Ordnung...Nur in Einer Anderen

Und zwischen all unseren Trümmern und Traumgebilden

Dreams Come True Compilation Vol. 1

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