Saturday, April 24, 2010


Comadre is an awesome hardcore/punk band from California made up of members of Heartcrosslove, One’s Own Ruin, and Light This City. They started playing together back in '04 and since then have released a slew of albums and three mix tapes. Its pretty legit that they make those mix tapes, which they make available for free download, and well as their most recent release entitled "A Wolf Ticket". From what I can gather they are pretty community minded and focus on the D.I.Y aspects of punk rock, which gives them even more cred. Aside from their splits and solo releases, they have been featured on The Emo Annihilation and the React With Protest sampler and also have a DVD called "Dance With Your Hips, Not Your Fists". They are currently working on putting out a fourth mix tape, a three way split with Glasses and Punch, and a European Tour with Punch that will lead into a West Coast American tour with Glasses. Fuck yeah. Below is all of their material to date and a video of them playing "The Trials" in LA.


A Wolf Ticket

Burn Your Bones

Songs About The Man

The Youth

Split with Trainwreck

Mix tape Vol. 1

Mix tape Vol. 2

Mix tape Vol. 3


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many times I clicked on the links without thanking, and how many people do as I did. This should change.

This post is amazing. It's 11AM in Tokyo, I'm sipping coffee and listening to HEAVEN IN HER ARMS, and suddently, turning the volume down, I'm hit by COMADRE's energy. What a start !

Ok, no more emo-suspicious comments.

Thanks !


bipolar_bear4 said...

seriously man you put so much great stuff up. im from farmington, NM.
been following for 2 years now.
i recently remembered your blogspot.
last thing i got from you was the heavy nugs and heady chugs split and think the loma prieta - last city.
after that i lost contact.
but ya mad props.
there some neighboring screamo influenced bands from albuquerque, NM. Adobe Homes and The City Is The Tower.
some good stuff.
since kidcrash pussed out and moved to olympia. someone had to feel in the spot.
check them out. i doubt you'll be disappointed.