Monday, September 2, 2013

Ken Burns

Ken Burns is a screams band from Boston area that is named after the documentary film maker Ken Burns. Dudes from Sneeze, Apart, Who Goes There?, and The Saddest Landscape are in this band. It's cool though, because its MVB. The homies recorded their first release with Will Kill at Dead Air Studios, so you know this track is oozing with skreem cred. Dripping.

I really dig their record alot. It's tight because its raw at times but then draws influence from alot of really dope bands and subsets of post-hardcore. The first time I heard this record all I could think about was how this band is going to fill the hole that was left when Beau Navire went inactive. Stylistically they remind me of alot of the earlier European screamo bands mixed in with some of the better melodic groups over here in the states. Nothing too flashy, just really good songs. Its tight because alot of times you have bands that have fast/chill transitions and its good enough but nothing too dope, but Ken Burns has some of the better song structure I've heard recently.

You can listen to the album on Youtube, which is posted below. They dont have a website or anything but if you want to holler at these dudes for whatever reason you should holler at The Saddest Mike. His email is and that's who you would get ahold of for booking and to get a copy of the tape, which costs 4 bucks. I have one and its sick, I love it. But yeah, I got the download below, and you can watch the video. Check this shit out, its so fucking cool. Their next show is with Caravels in Boston, so if you are up there then check that shit out. Word.



Anonymous said...

is that matt altieri on the cover there? cool photo

Michael said...

Not Matt Altieri hahahaha.