Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Sky Above And Earth Below

Normally I'm not a huge fan of melodic screams, but The Sky Above And Earth Below fucking kill it. Honestly, this is the only band I have heard in so long that actually plays dope post-hardcore music. Real talk. Its so awesome when a band can actually pull of such a wide variety of dynamics. It gets so tiring when bands stick to one very narrow sound. Literally think of any type of part that would be in a scream song; I'm talking like punk parts, heavy parts, furious parts, chill parts, all that stuff. It becomes even more impressing when you take into consideration that the band only consists of three dudes.

Its kind of funny because I have known one of the dudes in this band for a long ass time. I met him sophmore year of college because he was friends with my room mate from Portland, and I remember he was introduced to me as "someone who also likes screamo". He and I talked about music and liked alot of the same stuff. We hungout a few times and it was really dope, and then he started The Sky Above And Earth Below and I didn't really see him after that. Another dude in the band runs Friends For Life Records, and that guy is really cool as well and we met under similar circumstances.

Fun fact, this band was originally inspired by the Zelda series, so that instantly makes it dope. Its always nuts when you findout that people you know are in really awesome bands, and let me tell you, this is a really awesome band. They have a legit description on the FFL website which reads:

The Sky Above and Earth Below is a three-piece featuring Miller Reda , Sam Pape , and Reid Stubblefield from Portland, OR. They fell into their current line-up in early 2012 after years of Miller Reda writing and recording many of the songs solo. Today, they play sometimes spastic, sometimes sparse and dreamy post-hardcore, largely influenced by Shai Hulud, Portraits of Past, and many bands from the late 90’s screamo movement. The LP is the result of well over a year of steady writing and playing out as much as possible in-and-around Portland, OR.

Listen to this shit right now. Stop listening to whatever you are doing and go to their bandcamp and listen to "Parting Ways". I'm serious. You don't want to be sleeping on this band. Shit is so tight. I got that download link. I heard Reid is a capitalist pig, but you can get the LP here. Word.


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