Friday, November 1, 2013


Delos is a dope screamo band from Bremen, Germany. People who play in this band were also involved with Louise Cyphre, Gentle Art of Chokin', and Warcoma. They sent me an email a while back and after a few back and forths I ended up with a physical copy of their self titled EP. Shit rules so hard. The band is very driving and aggressive and features two vocalists. I was super impressed with this bands first release, even though the associated acts are really good so I don't know why I would expect anything other than awesome. Regardless, shit is fucking cool. Obviously if you like euro-screams you will dig this band. Their first release was put out on React With Protest, and I believe their upcoming split with Yusuke will also be on said label. All of their stuff is available for free download via bandcamp and I suggest you check this band out right the fuck now, you wont be disappointed. I promise. Word.


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