Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wild Moth

The bay's champions of dark post punk, Wild Moth, have just finished up a tour in support of their new LP "Over, Again" which was released on Asian Man Records. I would hope that most of you reading this are familiar with the band, which would make an in-depth description unnecessary. Since I last really checked, it seems WM has gained an additional member, which is pretty dope. I listened to their new album the other day and was really impressed with it. I mean, honestly, it was obviously going to be good, but their dark melodies and fuzzy verbed out vocals always make me surprisingly warm and fuzzy inside. It's like a nice blanket of melancholy. Hopefully you got to check them out on tour, because they are so good live. I haven't seen them as a 4 piece but I would imagine shit rules. I got to have this album for free because I'm "The Press", but you plebeians have to stream it or buy it. Check it out below and then buy it from Asian Man. Word.


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