Friday, May 10, 2013

Adobe Homes / Innards Split

Sometimes the homies get together and make some really awesome shit. You know, there are those bands that you just know would make awesome split partners and would be great together on tour. Sometimes those groups get a chance to work together, and other times they don't. Well, this time, they did. And they made such a good record.

The shit is only 3 songs long. Adobe Holmes only put up one song, and then inrdz threw two on there. I believe Adobe Homes are on side a, I mean I labeled it as such on my files, so if that is wrong then WHOOPS. Change it yourself. I also don't know the "official" name of the split so I just winged it. But I went to college, I'm pretty smart, so I think I guessed right. The split is in .wav, I'm sorry if that is a problem but I don't feel like converting it. If you want to do that you can really easily and effortlessly, but I mean I'm cool with waves.

So lets talk about the Adobe Homes song first. First off, AJ's vocals are really dope. Homeboy does the whole cry yell thing when he isn't shrieking  and both sound great. Vocally this is their best song, in my expert opinion. All three instruments have such boss tone, you have no idea until you listen to it just how great these recordings turned out sonically. The band has always been really good at blending different parts together effortlessly, so for instance this song starts off bouncy  then gets into a thrashy bit that will somewhat dip back into bounce-town, and then shit gets real slow and sad just to jump back into the heavy. Shit sounds really full, I'm pretty impressed. It sounds like he says "I smoke". I want to believe he is crying "Since you been gone, I smoke".

Now we get to the Innards half. What can I really say about Innards anymore? The dudes are some of my best buds and at the head of the modern screamo class. Seriously though, they raise the bar with every release and are becoming popular because of it. The dudes have grown up so much since I first met them and I'm so stoked for how far they have come. The first song is 50 second long. It isn't as bouncy and groovy as some of their other stuff, but instead is somewhat heavy in the beginning and then gets melodic towards the second half. More driving than anything else. Obviously everyone rips it super hard. Obviously their tone is damn near perfect. I mean these things are a given. The second song is way more "punk", just because its faster and stuff. More head bobby and less of that dance that Leo tends to always do. You know, that one dance. Is this my favorite bath of Innards songs? No, not particularly. But that doesn't mean that this release isnt fuck awesome and one of the better scream splits of the last few months.

Both the bands are the fucking homies. I love these dudes. Both these bands are touring in the summer, and are playing a show that turned into a fucking fest that I booked called No Brains Fest aka Homie Fest. Basically its a huge show that my friends who are coming thru to play that Flannel Gurl festival are going to play at. It is going to be rad as all hell. The split was put out by Flannel Gurl, so pick it up from them on that really pretty vinyl. Please support my friends. Please support these awesome bands. Word.


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adobe homies are best homies