Friday, May 10, 2013

Epilogue of a Car Crash - A Tribute to Orchid

Ok, so by now I'm sure most of you have heard at least some of the tracks off of this album, if not the entire thing. It has been out for a hot minute and I have seen this on some other blogs so I figured I would post this in case some people don't have it or havn't heard it. If Dog Knights wants me to take it down I will, but until then I will keep this up here. I hope they let me keep it up because it is already on the web. But I totally understand.

Alot of people have strong feelings about this album, but I'm not going to get into that because this is not the place to do so. This record is exactly what it sounds like: a compilation of Orchid covers. Some of the songs are really cool, others are whatever, but that doesn't really matter because the idea is fucking sick.

A shit ton of my friends and their bands are on this release. Pretty much all of the bands are awesome. There are some songs that sound just like the originals, you know, like they did it to sound like Orchid, while other tracks are the particular band's take on an Orchid song. You know? We (mnwa) were asked to be on the release, but we had to decline the offer because we couldn't record in time. We had mixed emotions about the idea because on one hand we all fucking love Orchid and it would be awesome to pay homage to such an influential band and it would be the shit to be on a release with so many homies and awesome bands. On the other hand, we knew that we could never do a cover of ANY of their songs that would be on par with the original and didn't want to potentially fuck up a sick song, if that makes sense. And honestly, we didn't want to potentially get shit from screamo old heads and purists who would turn up their nose to the release as a whole. I know that sounds fucking lame but its something that was brought up.

Anyways, like I mentioned above, most of the bands on here are fucking sick and really good friends of mine, and I respect the shit out of all of them for paying their respect to their roots. Even if any of the songs are not "as good" as the original, they are still sick songs. It is pretty easy to fuck up a song in this circumstance, but I mean if you do it "right" then it will still sound good, just different. I don't know. I really like the idea and I like the release as a whole. Its nothing more or less than cool. Anyways, I got it down below so scoop it up. You can buy copies from Dog Knights Productions, but I think it is really fucking expensive because of shipping. There are package deals that make it more worth the money, but also you can buy the digitals from the label's bandcamp.

These are the bands that are on the release:
Coma Regalia
Full of Hell
For Want Of
Voyage In Coma
You'll Live
Carrion Spring
I Don't Want To Know why The Caged Bird Sings
Piano Bastards
Lizards Have Personalities
Deer In The Headlights
Republic of Dreams
Questionable Youth
Lord Snow
Adobe Homes
Silenco, Ahore, Silencio
History Of The Hawk
Todos Caeran
Sed Non Satiata

Please give this a listen and support my friends. Come into the record open minded and you will enjoy it. Even if you don't like the idea of the release, it is at least interesting and worth at least one listen. Word.


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