Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Pine

"Bunch of scroungy kids from Bakersfield, CA that play some truly righteous emotional music in the vein of The Hated,Evergreen, and some other bands that shared those same characteristics. All of their albums have been released on very plain Jane black vinyl outside of Don’t Need Regret and split 7” with La Quiete, the last of their albums. 

Roger King, Kurt King, and Bill McCreary went on to form Reaching Away in 2009 with Nick Castro. " - Last FM

I've been listening to a lot of The Pine recently. Mainly on the bus. I used to not get down with homies voice but it grew on me pretty much over night. Their shit is really catchy. If you don't know Evergreen or The Hated, The Pine sounds like a more punk Mineral or something like that. Again, I've heard people arn't down with The Pine because of the dude's voice, but give them a few listens before you write them off. You can get their stuff from a lot of distros so try to snag some stuff. I found pretty much all of their stuff, I think, except for their demo. They have songs on "Wayfarer's All" and "This Is Your Life", both of which have already been posted.Word.



Celine Luggage bags said...
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We love drugs and stuff said...

I find it stupid that some people complaing over his voice. I love it. Its fucking unique that no band has ever tried doing. I love the high pitched to it. I love the fucking pine

Noah said...

Can't believe you managed to find the Live Acoustic CD-R. These dudes are so fucking underrated.

Nick said...

This is one of my favorite bands. Start with their split with The Saddest Landscape, "Down Below" is downright amazing and reminds me a lot of Evergreen's "Forced Fed Ed." From Days Slipping By I recommend "I Am Mending" and "Child Gone." From their S/T LP "Cubicle" and "Slug." And finally, from their acoustic set, the "Dancing Song" cover--go DL the original immediately after (Three Shades of Dirty - Paper Roses Demo,

If you listen to all of that and still don't like them, you're crazy.

Nick R


Phil Cosby said...

hate this band, forever. sorry folks, but it's terrible music.