Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Giant Golden Rings

Giant Golden Rings is the solo project of my dude Adam. I met him a few years back because he was the road dog of The Sharpest. He ended up being the bass player for that band. Anyways, Adam makes his own weird experimental hip hop beat stuff. There are a fuckload of Giant Gold Rings releases, and it is all soo good. A few tracks have vocals on em, but alot of it is just beats. Its real weird, like glitchy video game shit, but its so, dare I say, hyphy. I dig it real hard. I talked to Adam today and I got all of his shit to post up. He has tapes for sale, so holler at him so he can buy new equipment, or drugs, or whatever. Word.


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Anonymous said...

could you repost active links? i was interested in checking this stuff out, thanks...