Monday, April 23, 2012

Clyde Webb

Clyde Webb is a dude from Moscow, Idaho. Homeboy has been in alot of musical projects and runs Captain Crook Records. His main thing is his folk-punk solo project under his name. I met him on the internet and was intrigued by his photos. Then I heard his music and got pretty stoked. He makes some real ass songs about real life shit. He just put out a new record which is his best release yet. I'm still listening to it, but after hearing a few tracks I was down as shit. I mean, anyone who has a song about feeling like shit when you think about your ex-girlfriend sucking someone else's dick is okay in my book. Check out all his albums below, add him on facebook (unless you are in the cult), and check out his label. Some real cool shit on there too. I talked to Clyde and he was asking me for blogs to send his music to, so if you have a blog or anything and want to post his music up he would be hella down. Support Clyde when/how you can. Word.




Sucks At Life

Get Bent
Get Bent


Jonathan said...

Typical on point with everything you post. But this is god fucking awful.

Anonymous said...

I will go with him, the dude uses those same power chord and the singing is awful. i mean if he were to be in a band i'd be fine but this guy to put it bluntly sucks. He couldnt even tune his guitar which was just a little off easy to tune on that video you posted