Wednesday, April 11, 2012

She Moved Through The Fair

I got this album in an email I while ago, I don't really remember when. Yesterday I found it on my computer and ended up listening to the whole thing while I got drunk on my porch. During the sunset. Alone.

Its one dude, playing guitar who lives in Lancaster,PA . It's kind of noodletown, like ghosts and vodka noodles but way way waaaaaaay chill. Like the ending credits to a tween movie where they do a spinning kiss or some shit. It's tight though, I really dig it. Super fucking chill, and homeboy rips it. RIPS. IT.

Download this EP, I don't know if there is anything else by SMTTF but Game of Thrones is on On Demand so I'm gonna go do that. Also got some leftover Country Fried Steak from the diner, word the shit up.


Looks like my boy Cheese posted this kids music a while ago on his blog, and maybe was the person who sent this to me. Looks like there is another SMTTF album which I got from Senior Caso.


The Lonely Years On The Farm EP
Dawn Barns

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