Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cool Shows

Everyone knows that Street Smart Cyclist is having a reunion show the day after Christmas. Well, it looks like there is a max capacity at the venue, 250 heads, and like 500 people on facebook said they were going. Square of Opposition decided to sell the tickets online, presale, and they are now sold out. If you got your ticket then way to go, you might get a free poster if you get there early enough. If you are like us and just found out about these tix recently then I guess you will not be attending, sorry. At least they admitted that this isn't punk.

Osceola is having a reunion show January 7th at Cyclops Books in Baltimore. This is their last reunion show, and all the original members will be playing. There are like ten bands on this show, including Tideland and Demeanor.

I'm sad to say that Kidcrash is having their last show on the 23rd of December in Santa Fe. Word has it that Alex is going to Egypt or something and Buster is going back to school. They are going on "hiatus", but after talking to some Portland friends it looks like the end of the break isn't clear. I'm really upset that I'm going to have to miss this show (FUCK YOU AIRLINE PRICES IN DECEMBER). Apparently New Ruins is going to be pressed on vinyl with a bonus track.

Beau Navire posted European tour dates, ending with Cry Me A River Fest. Pianos Become the Teeth announced that they are going to Europe in the spring. Algernon Cadwallader is coming to the west coast this winter. What Price, Wonderland? and Syn* Error are doing a European Tour. Raein is going to Japan. Innards is going to the west coast soon, as will be Matsuri & Ordstro (playing at my house in Olympia on January 5th). Empire! Empire! are doing some east coast shows. There are alot of shows going on in/around Pennsylvania in the last ten days of the year and I'm sure there are a shitload of New Years Eve shows going down.


Justin said...

Why is the Beau Navire link leading to a youtube video?

CHUG LIFE said...

because i fucked up

sleepingcity said...

so whats the official word on this kidcrash thing? because i'm hearing that they are prepping a new record entitled 'naps' have you heard anything about this frosty bit of news? i would really hate to see them go.