Saturday, December 11, 2010

DEERS! / Animal Lover / Pansori/ мища / ColorChromatic 5 Way Split

After like a year of waiting this split, Bear19, is finally finished. You can pick up a copy here or from the bands at shows after Bear Records sends em out. The entire lp is just under a half hour long, with twelve songs. You can download it below.

Side A of the record is devoted to the California bands. DEERS! starts things off with three blistering tracks. Their sound has matured with their final recordings, as you can clearly hear, with the lack of general chaos and high pitched screaming. The songs are much more technical and kind of twinkly, although they are still very driving and intense. ColorChromatic follow those tracks up with 4 of their own. Post-Hardcore or Punk at its finest, CC compliments DEERS! nicely with their melodic tunes. Their songs have a very heavy punk influence, although at some times the vocals almost sound like Daryl Palumbo. Someone told me they sound like Mourning For The Masses.

Side B starts out with my band, мища,giving three songs. We recorded two of these tracks a year ago when this release was originally going to be a split with Bears!, but that fell through. We recoded the other song in the spring when we did the Oppenheimer Limit split. I like these songs. Animal Lover is next with a really cool almost stoner metal track. Really buzzy and rough sounding, the vocals on "Rain Queen" are super low in the mix but still sounds dope. Their song is just really cool stoner punk IMO. Bob your head shit. Pansori finish up the split with an eight minute epic. Post-rock Screamo at its finest. I love their recordings because you can hear the violin really well. Their track is pretty much one long dreary crescendo, building up to a point that it almost gives you chills.

This album is really nice to smoke weed to. I haven't heard it on vinyl yet but I did hear the old test pressing and it sounded cool. If you like the split you should support Bear Records so that he can continue to put out cool records and be an actual DIY label. Don't force him to get a day job.


DEERS! / Animal Lover / Pansori/ мища / ColorChromatic 5 Way Split

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