Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Would Set Myself On Fire For You

I Would Set Myself on Fire for You was an experimental screamo band from Atlanta, Georgia, United States that started in 2001, and broke up for unknown reasons in 2007. The band released two full-length albums on Stickfigure Records, in between several demos sold at concerts in the time they were together. The band featured viola in their songs, as well as acoustic guitar, cello, synth, saxophone, trumpet, and hand drums. Their music is sometimes dramatic, with the three vocalists often chanting in a round. - Last.fm
I got an email about a week ago out of the blue from the band with a link to their unreleased 7 inch, "ten/eleven". I talked to them a little bit more and they ended up sending me the files for it because the download came with an additional song, which is an alternate version of "nine". I have been listening to this band for years, and I would imagine that most people who are into post-hardcore and stuff have at least hear of this band. I was surprised to see how limited their catalog was, but I was able to find a demo that I hadn't heard before, which was nice. If you are unfamiliar with this band you should check them out, they are really good and influential in the scene. You can buy all of their stuff online, and you can buy the digital files of "ten/eleven" on bandcamp. Check it out, word.


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