Thursday, September 6, 2012

Innards - I've Lost Everything

Yo, Chug exclusive. Today, Count Your Lucky Stars put up the pre-order for Innards' new ten inch lp. I want to help them make some sales/exposure by posting the album and stuff. I've Lost Everything is fucking dope. Takes screamo to the next level. Innards has always been one of my favorite bands around and some of the best dudes in the world, so I am beyond stoked on this new album. First off, 12 songs in 18 minutes. Everything that makes Innards awesome is doubled with this LP. Seriously mind blowing.The production of this record is pretty spot on for a DIY screamo band, kind of gritty but pretty much clean. I am always amazed at how they can make songs that are both spastic and melodic. Leos vocals and lyrics are great, as usual. He just had a lil baby too, which is dope. Check out the record below or on the bandcamps, and please please please pick up that pre order. For real, support my dudes and CYLS. It was super dope that they let me post this shit fresh out the kitchen, so to speak. Keeping screams punk. Top ten records of the year right y'all, don't waste any time and check this out now. Word.



Anonymous said...

yo is this the final mastered copy? just wondering cause it has drumstick count ins and long fade outs..

CHUG LIFE said...

this is the mastered copy that they sent me. there might be maybe a second extra in each direction because i converted it from wav