Thursday, September 6, 2012

Already Dead Tapes & Records

My buddy Sean runs this label in Kalamazoo called Already Dead Tapes. Home boy is the man. He works at this sick record store and I bought an LFO tape and a Billy Ocean lp for mad cheap. He plays in a band called Forget the Times, which you should check out. He hosts these huge festivals up there, and the link for the next one is right here. Below is a huge list of all of his releases, and I would suggest that you check shit out on the website and then come back here to pick it up. All of the links are provided by Already Dead, so if something is dead holler at him. He lives in the no-fun house, but he is pretty fun. Word.


AD039: Alpha Couple 'Covers'

AD040: Dominic Pierce 'West'

AD041: Br'er 'Deviation' 

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