Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sneeze is from the Boston area (there is another Sneeze from Australia, but I'm not talking about them). One of the dudes from L'antietam is in this band. I got to see them at one of their earlier shows in Allston and it was really tight. They are a pop punk band and kick alot of ass. Don't expect them to sound anything like L'antieram. It's sing along pop punk, you know, like playing Tony Hawk or something and zoning out but still mumbling along with the song. Their new album, "I'm going to kill myself", is one of the better pop punk releases I have heard in a hot minute. Honestly, even if you aren't into like post pop punk you should still give this a listen. I don't see how anyone could hate this band. you can buy their new release on tape, I think bear is selling their old stuff, and they are pressing the new LP at some point. I don't know. But Sneeze is cool so check them out if you are into like Laurel or Let's or other like gritty pop punk stuff. Check Sneeze out, support them in any/every way you can. Word.



Anonymous said...

sneeze rule so hard. they are also grungy/punk as fuck aside from being "pop punk"

Matinee said...

This stuff is real good. I like.