Thursday, September 6, 2012


Foxing are a twinkle band from the St. Louis area, I think. They have a little demo thing and are putting out a split really soon. I was generally surprised by this band, you know, because normally I get bored with the twinkle after like two minutes because by that time I can figure out what bigger twinkle band they are trying to emulate and then just go listen to that band. Foxing threw me off guard, not so much because they are super original but because it is interesting and doesn't sound forced. Again, not the next big twinkle band, but is 100% worth checking out if you are into that stuff. Especially post Algernon, alot of kids who can't get into   bars need to fill a Cadwallader sized hole. This might help ease the pain. Check it out, keep an eye out for their split, and stay stoked. Word.


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JOJOFACE said...

This is so overlooked. Solid music.