Friday, August 31, 2012


Alright so I'm not talking about either of the bands called Mare that are on I'm talking about Mare, the new band from Baltimore, Mare. They don't have any web presence yet and are playing their first show soon. James, who plays guitar in мища, plays drums in this band, then this dude Val who lives at the Bell (awesome dude) pays guitar and Matt, who is in a Blink 182 cover band or something (for real though), plays bass. Mare is a screamo band, kind of old school but not really. Melodic yet harsh. Its tight as shit, not gonna lie. You'll like it, trust me. Check out their demo, its pretty impressive. Don't be a fucking dick hole and actually download this, for real. Word.



Anonymous said...

man this is so good. please update when they have artwork and other internet presence!

derek said...

I talked to Valentine at their show with dawn treader this past weekend, grabbed a tape and got a promise to have some lyrics sent to me if I posted back on here.

demo is great, live show was better (of course). Go see this band and their related projects if you get a chance.