Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Tongue (pronounced No Tongue) are the poster children of the Kali spirit. Stacked lineup of friends: Ryan from Megan & Amelia/DEERS!/Matsuri, Andrew from Matsuri/Ten Thousand Leagues, Conrad from John Cota and Nik from Calculator. If you are in California you should check out this show and this show on the Ten Thousand Leagues tour so you can see No Tongue. They are a pretty new band, which makes me excited to see what they can put together before the Mayan History Channel Apocalypse. Below is their demo, all hail bands that you need to copy/paste the name. Word.



JOJOFACE said...

This is great. Thank you.

konni said...

I've been looking for this everywhere, thank you so much. do you know if there's any word of them coming up with merch of some kind so I can throw money at them?