Sunday, August 12, 2012


Orlock, not to be confused with Graf Orlock, was a female fronted screamo band from Richmond, VA. They were around in the late '90s and someone in this band went on to be in Song of Zarathustra. I could only find two of their releases, but I think that might be their entire catalog.

Orlock played some pretty tight dark hardcore. The vocals are sick as fuck. Orlock is anything to fucking amazing, but they are a solid hardcore band. I really like this band because, aside from playing awesome heavy shit, they also have a good amount of weird noisy stuff going on.  For example, the song "Imposter" is like four and a half minutes, but the first three minutes are noise and field recordings. All of the recordings are kind of low quality, but it suits the songs well. In my opinion the second album is the superior, but both releases are really tight. Check it out. Word.


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Do you know what happened to Alicia Wade? She's an old friend of mine and I miss her