Thursday, August 2, 2012

I.Corrupt Double Feature - Locktender / Brighter Arrows + Sarg

I.Corrupt records has been so busy latley. They have put out some good records in the past, and now they are releasing two killer records. I'm going to be lazy right now and just copy/paste some of the email the dude sent me, just because im eating some ham loaf. I listened to both of these releases and they are really good. Locktender is one of my favorite bands right now, and I got to see/play with them in Ohio. They rip it so fucking hard, and are the nicest dudes ever. That band is proof that you can grow up and have a dad life and still be down. I think they are in Europe? Either they are or they just got back, but I hope they had fun. Brighter Arrows are really cool too, although I have only listened to them like one or twice before this split. Shit is so good, one of the best splits I have heard in a while. I had never listened to SARG before, but I like it. I think that most of yall will enjoy it also. Anyways, copy/pasta below. Word.

SARG's long-awaitet debut effort 'Slow Revenge' is finally out now as a 7"-vinyl. Influenced by the words of Klaus Kinski the band delivers six massive songs within eight minutes. This is fast and aggressive Hardcore-Punk which friends of Cursed, Trap Them and Converge shouldn't miss!

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On this split 10" LOCKTENDER deliver one epic, long and heavy hardcore song expanding over more than ten minutes which leaves your ears bleeding and your mouth wide open of disbelief.
BRIGHTER ARROWS just continue the tradition of midwestern mid-90s Emo with beautiful melodies, passionate lyrics and a lot goosebumps.


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