Sunday, August 12, 2012


Centuries are a hardcore punk band from Florida. I met them in Utah and then got to see them again two days in a row in Florida. I was super impressed by their energy and how tight everything was. Their live shows are sick because they are so fucking loud, and they are really nice guys. I guess they have been a band for a while now, and at one point someone from Osceola played drums for them. Now one of the dudes who used to be in Glocca Mora plays drums. They have these shirts that have pictures from some exorcism or some shit, and it is the sickest shirt I have seen in years. Act like I didn't get one.

Centuries are the heaviness. Sort of chuggy, but not really. Lots of low end. Its like hardcore riffs and tone at punk pace, I guess. If that makes sense. I don't really care if it doesn't. Some of their stuff is almost METAL, which is tight. If you like heavy dark moshy headbanging stuff then download all the albums below. The splits only have the Centuries songs, so sorry about that. Nightmares is older. Check it out, support them if you can. Word.


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xCrudox said...

great band, thanks!