Wednesday, August 1, 2012

мища Tour CD

So we just got back from our US tour, shit was bananas. We had to skip out on the WV and VA dates, and we are really bummed about that, but other than that shit was amazing. We met so many awesome people, stayed at great places and played with some really killer bands. We love all of you, really. We made this cd for our tour, and I wanted to throw it up on here. The cd is collection of all the songs we recorded with Mike York. It has our songs from our splits with We Were Skeletons, Innards, and Te Lloraria un Puto Rio, as well as two other songs that are going to be on various compilations and stuff. The artwork is the x-ray of James' fucked up foot.

Since we ran out of money we made a big cartel thingy so people can buy our stuff online. There are two of them actually: we have an independent one, and then we also threw some stuff up on the Unity Through Harmony big cartel as well.

Now that tour is over I can chug more, so expect more stuff soon. Word.


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