Sunday, March 24, 2013

Raw Nerve

So the other day Dave Collis aka Chicago's hottest promoter got ahold of me and informed me that Niko said that I could post Raw Nerve's discography on here, and then sent me a link to their stuff. I guess that is his way of asking me put them up on here.

Raw Nerve is a now defunct Youth Attack hardcore punk band from Chicago. Shit is bananas, and if you watch the video below of their last show you will be able to witness the utter chaos that was their live sets. I had heard about the band a while ago and listened to them here and there, but never really got down with it that hard until I met, or rather was made aware, of the Chicago kids. I gave Raw Nerve more listens and realized how dope it was, but still was never really bumping it. Then Dave set me their discography and I bumped it so hard. If you dig hardcore punk, this is the apex. Well, it is at least up there at the top, on par with bands like Failures and stuff.

Below is everything. If you can't find a release, then the songs are in the Misc. Recordings link, just because that was how they were given to me and I didn't really feel like sorting everything. Also, the songs are all in .wav. I started converting some of them but it just took way too long, and fuck that, so you have to suffer with high quality jams. Dave was saying something about not being able to find one of these albums on the internet, so cool. Check the shit out, buy their stuff because the physical releases are really cool, and support the dudes' other bands. Word.


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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you so much for uploading Every Problem Solved. I had pretty much given up on finding it somewhere. I own it, but was dying to get the mp3s of it. Take care.