Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baklavaa - Spiral Cramp

Baklavaa, Baltimore's favorite weird post-punk band, just put out a new LP. Its really cool, and if you liked their other stuff which I posted earlier you will love this new album. If you never listened to this band then watch the video below, because its awesome. My buddy Luke recorded and engineered this shit, and it sounds ridiculously good. He's the dude. I know one other dude in this band, a little bit, and he is really nice and also seems to be the dude. So yeah, Baklavaa: cool dudes making good weird music. It kind of sounds like tripping. Sort of like a mescaline trip, because its too intense for acid and too abrasive for mushrooms. And too long for DMT. So yea, this is actually your brain on drugs guys.

Below is their new LP, Spinal Cramp, and their split with Sexgender. Check em out, buy em if you want, and support the bands. I don't know what Baklavaa's schedule is, but I do know that they are playing THIS on Good Friday, and you should come out. Word.


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