Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Clyde Webb - Into It (I'm Growing Up)

My dude, and your favorite Guest Poster, Clyde motherfucking Webb just released his Magnus Opus, "Into It (I'm Growing Up)". This album is an amazing, mature departure from Clyde's previous material  in terms of songwriting and lyrical content, but also because now he is using an electric guitar and has some dude play drums behind him. The jams are still characteristically and enjoyably sloppy, which obviously keeps the songs sounding genuine and real. With the addition of the drums you can really see Cylde's pop punk influences shine in this record. I got the chance to hear this record a while ago when he was still naming the songs, but I don't think that any of my suggestions for titles made the cut, which is fine. I'm glad that Clyde finished this album because this is really important to him, which makes sense seeing as it is really fucking cool.

I don't know if he is selling the album, but you can give him money via bandcamp if you want. You really should. Not only because the album is worth it, but because it is Clyde's 21st birthday today. If you know him or like what he does, drop him a line. He would really appreciate it. So yeah, check out this shit, download it, and support the ultimate homie. Best shit in Idaho right now, or so I've heard.

If Clyde shares this with his friends and my secret Boise crush reads this: Hi.

Got that first posting of the record. Chugsclusive. Word.


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