Thursday, March 7, 2013


Even though you may think you have no idea who this band is, you actually do. And you like them. You like them enough to know at least one of their songs by heart. How, you might ask. Well the answer is very simple: Daria.

Splendora was an all female alt-rock / post-grunge group from New York City in the mid '90's. They released their only proper release, "In The Grass", in 1995. In 1997 someone from MTV got ahold of the LP and they ended up writing the theme for Daria. They also did some random background music for the show, as well as the title sequence music for both of the Daria "Movies", "Is It Fall Yet?" and "Is It College Yet?". Its sick because the songs that the band ended up doing for the show isn't much different than their album, stylistically and stuff. I guess the only reason I'm bringing it up is because I think its pretty cool that the band's style matched exactly what the show was going for, the whole female intellectual angst being driven by mid 90's culture, and then when they were asked to make songs for the show it sounds like, in my opinion, that they just wrote some normal ass songs for them with some Daria specific themes in the lyrics. An example of this is that the movie "Is It Fall Yet" is about how much Daria is fucking tired of the summer and everything that a summer in high school entails (camps, lame jobs, parents not wanting you to be lazy, family outings), and the song expresses the same themes and is called "Turn Down The Sun", which is an obvious expression of of ones general distaste of the obligatory American summer culture.

Anyways, Splendora is the quintessential girl alt-rock band, and I am really surprised that they only put out one album and are generally unknown. I had never heard anything about the band until I looked it up tonight, and even after I listened to the album (which kills it) there is very little information about the group available. One of the members of the band was involved in music in another fashion, but I can't really find anything about it except that her name is sort of buzz-worthy. All of the songs are kind of grungy  really alternative and just kick alot of ass. Hella backup vocals and really good lyrics. Nothing too crazy going on, just really solid songs, you know. I mean you probably have a good idea of what I am talking about anyways. 

If you like 90's music, and lets face it we all do, check this shit out. It is really fucking good and stupidly under rated, shockingly in fact. I really like the LP, my favorite songs being "Beautiful" and "Rat Fink". So please please please give this stuff a listen. If you don't want to download the album you can find a video of the entire thing on youtube. But yeah, shits boss, trust me, so check it out. And even if you don't like this kind of music, you like Daria, so just grab those tracks because you can't find them all together anywhere else. 

Was that good enough for you Cheese? Hmm?



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I like "Fink Rat," too.