Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mare - II

Hey, so do you remember Mare? I posted about them a while ago. It's James, Matt and Val. Ring any bells? Well, they recorded another demo with Jordan (Shy Violet) and shit is the jam.

I suppose this release is technically ridiculously skramz. It has most of the characteristics of a good skramz record : lo-fi self recording, probably not going to ever be properly released, the band broke up too soon, and awesome. The dudes recorded these 8 songs (before anyone says anything, there is a track that has two songs on it) right before Valentine left Baltimore for Providence. I'm still pissed that I missed their last show by like, literally 30 minutes. I got to town right as they ended, and I was irate.

But yeah this shit is the shit. Mare is awesome because it is super straight forward, which is awesome in a time where bands seem like they are beating around the bush and are putting filler into songs. This shit is just like, wham, right here. And also, and most importantly, is that they aren't trying super hard to be something. Like it isnt dudes being like "Yo, lets make a screamo band that sounds like this band and this band with some of this genre". Its like, "Yo lets play some songs and try to get better at our instruments", and thats exactly what happened. Val's guitar playing is so much "better", in my opinion, than the previous record, James is way more solid on the drums, and Matt takes the bass for longer, doper walks. The vocals are still really cool, but I guess I can say with confidence that they sound better on this release. I mean, this record sounds like every track was recorded and stuff and everyone in the room was like "Yup, thats it".

I don't really know what else to say about this band. It fucking sucks that they broke up, but I get it. It was time for Val to move on. I guess I was surprised that he was in MD for that long to begin with, but I miss him. Mad love for the dude since he let me borrow some of his drum stuff for tour this summer. I don't think that this will ever be put on anything physical, but don't quote me on that. I wouldn't be surprised if, down the road, a tape appears. I also wouldn't be surprised if a reunion show would happen in the event Val comes back. But yeah, check this shit out, if not for the fact that it is the shit then just do it because its my best friend and another really good friend. Matt, I would say you are a best friend but I mean, I have never even seen where you sleep and that is a requirement. Word.


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hey can i still find mare anywhere on the internet?