Monday, March 4, 2013

Kitty Pryde

I first heard about Kitty Pryde not too long ago. It was sort of funny. There was a post in this group on Facebook about "celebrities" who have been added without their knowledge, and some kids were all stoked about Kitty being in without her knowing. She got tagged by some other kids later that day and obviously left, but yeah, that was when I first heard about her. Later that day I asked Clyde Webb who the fuck she was and he responded with this video:

After I talked to Clyde for a while we thought it would be funny to try to add her on fb, you know, "for the lols". She added me back, and seemed chill. More kids in the above mentioned group kept on talking about KP (not Katy Perry, although I fucking wish. Love her to death and I will fight you about it.) and shit, about how she likes skrumz and shit, so then I was like "word up, girl seems cool to me". I looked at some more of her videos, not the interviews and stuff but like music videos, and shit is pretty cool. I'm not too big on the whole based thing, but as a devout follower of DJ Screw I appreciate Syrup culture.

But yeah, Kitty Pryde is a young buck chick who lives in New York and raps. She is really based, I guess. Her raps are more like freestyles, kind of doing that Lil' B thing, but she isnt putting out like a new song every fucking day like he does. The music is real chill and spacey, which is a general characteristic of this kind of stuff. Like I said, I don't really listen to alot of this stuff, mainly because I heard Kraeyshawn and B-Nasty and wasn't really down with it, but Kitty Pryde is sick.

It would seem that she is starting to blow up, which is awesome. If you are going to SXSW check her out, I heard she is playing like every fucking day, which is dope. If I was going down there I would go see her and try to smoke some joints with her, Mrs. Southern Smoke.

Below is a link to this blog page that has all of her music on it. It was last updated in January but it looks like it is still being used or whatever. I think this is the official thingy, because Kitty Kitty gave it to me herself. Talk to her, shes mad chill. And listen to her music, its mad good. The rap game Taylor Swift will not disappoint  and the girl is cute as a button. Here is her most popular music video, check it out, its pretty funny. Support the lil homie, she deserves it. Word.


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